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Semi Automatic High Speed Box Stitching Machine

  • Panasonic - Imported servo driven.
  • Touch screen operation parameter, ( distance between pin & pin number)
  • PLC Control
  • Siemens brand control panel
  • Photo electric sensor is Panasonic brand
  • Pins distance can be adjustable on screen that can be single pin, double pin & strengthen pin
  • Changing carton size & adjusting pins can be completed in one minute, saving time & easy operation.
  • Department of automatic counting, feed units equipped with photoelectric sensors, when feeding, table automatically rise.
  • Rear section with automatic counting function, the number of finished carton can be set (1-99) and transport to the machinery end, convenient for
    bundles package.
  • We can store number of pin on screen.
  • Machine can be operated in MANUAL MODE and AUTO MODE.
  • No skilled workser required.
  • We can store 20 memories in screen.
  • Maintenance free machine & easy to operate.
Technology Parameter
Stitching Speed 400 Stiches / Min
Stitches No. 1-99 Stitches (Adhustable)
Stitching Pitch 15-100 min ( Adjustable)
Stack Height 900 mm
Power Required 4 hp
Machine Weight 2000 kg approx
Fingerless Type Single Facer (corrugation) Semi Automatic High Speed Box Stiching Machine
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